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EMF Sources

Understanding Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF)

Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are invisible lines of force that surround any electrical device. A "field" is the area in which charges interact with other charges. Electromagnetic fields consist of electric (E) and magnetic (H) waves traveling together. They travel at the speed of light and are characterized by a frequency and a wavelength. At higher frequencies the electric and magnetic fields combine and form electromagnetic radiation.

Here is a list of common EMF Sources found in Today's Homes:

Magnetic field exposure points

  • All power lines (especially high voltage power lines)
  • Electrical transformers (both large and small)
  • Plumbing Current (entering your home through your ground to the city water line)
  • Net Current (wiring problems)
  • Faulty electrical wiring and grounding
  • Outdated Knob and tube wiring
  • High current appliances such as hair dryers, heaters and ovens
  • CRT-style computer monitors and TVs

Magnetic fields are measured in milligauss (mG.) and are created when electric current flows. If current does flow, the strength of the magnetic field will vary depending upon the amount of current (amps) drawn through the conductor.

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Electric field exposure points

  • Electrical wiring and power cords
  • Fluorescent/Compact Fluorescent
  • Poorly grounded electrical system
  • Bedside AC lamps, clocks and electrical cords
  • Laptop computers

Electric fields are measured in Volts per meter (V/M) and are always present on charged electrical wires and devices plugged into live outlets; this type of field is created by differences in voltage. The higher the voltage, the stronger will be the resultant field.

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Devices that contribute to Dirty electricity

  • Fluorescent/Compact Fluorescent / 12-Volt halogen lighting
  • Dimmer switches
  • Computers/laptops
  • Television sets
  • Microwave ovens
  • Most Treadmills and furnaces that have variable speed motors
  • Some UV filters and ionizers
  • Nearby neighbours' activities can be a huge influence

Dirty Electricity is measured in Graham-Stetzer units (GSU). Our electrical power supply has become increasing contaminated with invisible microsurges of dangerous electric field radiation called "dirty" electricity. Dirty electricity has become a steadily growing problem in recent years due to our increased use of energy efficient CFL bulbs, dimmer switches, modern low-voltage lighting, electronic devices and computers that produce high frequency electrical feedback.

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Radio Frequency (RF) sources

  • Wireless Networks and wireless security systems
  • DECT (digital) cordless phones, and baby monitors
  • Cellular phones and PDAs
  • Cell towers and microwave transmitters
  • Gaming systems, eReaders and home automation systems
  • Nearby neighbours activities
  • Radar and radio station transmitters

Radio Frequency fields are measured in microwatts per square centimetre (µWatt/cm2). If a current flowing through the wire is made to oscillate at a very rapid rate (3 KHz or greater), the floating electromagnetic field will break free and be launched into space. At the speed of light, the energy will radiate outward in a pulsating pattern, much like the waves in the pond. Mankind has harnessed much of the radio spectrum for communication purposes such as Wi-Fi, cell phone, radio, satellite TV and radar.

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We are all exposed to harmful EMFs in our homes but you can reduce your exposure greatly with an EMF home inspection

To purchase EMF meters to check your home, school or workplace, visit our on-line store.

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