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Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt    

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt talks about the links between increasing levels of diseases such as autism, and increasing levels of EMF exposure.

Find out more by watching the video detailing this research.

The BioInitiative Report 2012 links EMF Exposure to Autism

Conclusion: "Especially since EMF/RFR exposures are already classified as IARC 2B Possible Human Carcinogens, we should be actively investigating these sources of damage to DNA that could reasonably result in 'de novo mutations' but also be aware that common environmental exposures from EMF and RFR might play a role in the higher rates of concordance for autism (ASD) among twins and siblings."

Read the report: Findings in Autism (ASD) Consistent with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR)

Mercury + Electromagnetic fields (EMF) = Autism?

Posted by:Dr. Joseph Mercola, Natural Health Expert. September 10, 2009

According to this latest data, the odds that your infant will develop some form of ASD are now one in 63. And if you have a boy, the chances are a staggering one in 38.

I still remember that 25 years ago. when I first started practicing, the incidence of autism in the United States was only one in 100,000!

A pair of studies on autism rates show that somewhere around one percent of all U.S. children currently have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The rate is even higher among 6 to 11 year olds and among boys.

Among all children aged two to 17, one in 100 currently have an ASD, which is considerably higher than the previously estimated rate of  one in 150. There was a 100 percent increase in parent-reported ASD rates compared to 2003.

One possible explanation for some of the increase is the expansion of the ASD classification within the public schools to include not only full-blown autism, but also milder forms of ASD such as Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome. But it is difficult to believe that this accounts for the entire increase.

One possible answer is the Hepatitis B vaccine, which also contained 25 micrograms of mercury containing thimerosal. Only 8 percent of infant children received the Hep B vaccine in 1992, when that birth cohort showed an ASD rate of 60 per 10,000.

By 1994, the number of children receiving Hep B vaccine had reached just 27 percent -- and the cohort showed an ASD rate of 66 per 10,000. The Hep B coverage rate rose to 82 percent by 1996, when that cohort's ASD rate exploded to around 100 per 10,000, or one in 100.

Source: Huffington Post August 11, 2009

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

If you’ve been following this issue you will be very aware that autism is on the rise.

For a number of years the accepted rate of autism was about one in 150, but for awhile now I have been stating that the incidence is far higher than that, and now we finally have statistics to support that.

Overall, the 2007 survey results from the National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH) reveals a 100 percent increase in parent-reported cases of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), compared to their 2003 survey.

According to this latest data, the odds that your infant will develop some form of ASD are now one in 63. And if you have a boy, the chances are a staggering one in 38.

That’s 2.6 percent of all male children in the U.S.!

Among all children aged two to 17, out of the 82,000 respondents, one in 100 reported that their child currently has an ASD. This is far higher than the previous CDC estimate of one in 150.

A similar British study puts the overall U.K. rate at one in 83.

These numbers sadly support the surprising findings earlier this year, when the journal Epidemiology published a study showing a sevenfold increase in autism cases in California, between the years of 1990 to 2006.

In 1990, 6.2 of every 10,000 children born in California were diagnosed with autism by the age of 5. By 2001, that had risen to 42.5 in 10,000.

I still remember that 25 years ago. when I first started practicing, the incidence of autism in the United States was only one in 100,000! This is clearly an epidemic happening in massive proportions right before our very eyes.

What’s Causing These Out of Control Autism Rates?

Many researchers are now advocating for a shift in autism research to focus on environmental factors such as pesticides, viruses and chemicals in household products rather than genetics.

It makes no rational sense that funding for studying the genetic causes of autism is 10 to 20 times higher than funding for environmental causes. Because although genetics play a role in an estimated one percent of cases, the other 99 percent are still a mystery to conventional scientists.

Likewise, to suggest this massive increase could be due to relaxed diagnosis criteria seems to be grasping at straws.

So what is the explanation?

The Common Thread Among Those With Autism

Dr. Klinghardt, one of my primary mentors and a pioneer in natural medicine, discussed the toxic origins of autism in an extensive interview with me late last year. You can watch a snippet of it here, or join my Inner Circle to get access to the entire interview. One topic discussed is the fact that in most people with autism, their pathways of detoxification have become overwhelmed by both man-made and microbial toxins.

The toxins that are at the top of this list are:

Mercury and other metals, such as aluminum. The major route of exposure here is from vaccines, and also from eating contaminated seafood.

Viruses and microbes, such as mold. Children with autism not only have overwhelmed detoxification pathways and often heavy metal toxicity, but, according to Dr. Klinghardt, they also have a silent, daily toxin production in their body caused by toxic microbes.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). These come not only from cell phones and cordless phones, but also from electrical outlets and WI-FI. Dr. Klinghardt considers EMF “synergistically causal," partly because it potentiates the production of toxic microbes and endotoxins.

We already know that children are now born toxic due to the increasing toxic load of their mothers. We know that the childhood vaccination schedule has gone from requiring 10 vaccinations in 1976, to now including 36 injections before your child reaches 12 months of age.

We also know that the use of cell phones and other WiFi equipment has exploded, and according to some experts, like Dr. Klinghardt, EMF exposure increases the toxicity of many already hazardous substances.

For example, in a small study performed by Dr. Klinghardt, he showed that autism can actually be predicted based on the EMF levels of your sleeping quarters while you are pregnant!

He found that if you sleep in strong electromagnetic fields during pregnancy, your child will likely begin to exhibit neurological abnormalities within the first two years of life, such as:

  • Neurological dysfunction

  • Hyperactivity

  • Learning disorders

What About Vaccines?

Once you’ve reviewed the available data, it’s also virtually impossible to ignore the dangerous impact of our overzealous vaccination schedule.

According to Lee Grossman, President and CEO of Autism Society of America (ASA): "A person with an autism spectrum disorder has a number of underlying and seemingly unnoticed immunological, inflammatory or mitochondrial issues happening, and there could be any number of factors that trigger this, and it is certainly plausible that vaccines are one of those triggers."

As discussed in the article above, the increased use of the Hepatitis B vaccine also coincides with a rise in autism, and the Hep B vaccine contained 25 micrograms of thimerosal – a mercury-containing ingredient that has long been thought to be a contributing factor to autism due to its potent neurotoxic effects.

According to the CDC's National Immunization Survey, 8 percent of infants received the Hep B vaccine in 1992. At the time the ASD rate was 67 in 10,000. Four years later, at which time 82 percent of infants received the Hep B vaccine, the ASD rate rose to about 100 in 10,000.

Recent studies have shown that the Hepatitis B vaccine can damage myelin in those with certain genetic factors. For example, one recent study found that children who received the vaccine were 50 percent more likely to develop "central nervous system inflammatory demyelination" than children who did not receive the vaccine.

GlaxoSmithKline’s Engerix B brand of the vaccine was shown to be the worst of the bunch, increasing the risk of demyelination by 74 percent. It also nearly tripled the risk of developing multiple sclerosis in genetically susceptible people.

As you can see, there are likely a wide variety of potential factors involved, and we need to know what all of these exposures in combination mean to the health of our children if we ever want to turn this tide of autism around.

One Contributing Factor You Can Remedy Right Now

Another major contributor to autism that has recently been appreciated is vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women.

The vitamin D receptor appears in a wide variety of brain tissue early in the fetal development, and activated vitamin D receptors increase nerve growth in your brain. It is my personal belief that this may be the single largest contributing factor to autism and that it is a deficiency of sun exposure to the pregnant mom, and subsequently to the fetus, that puts the child at a massively increased risk of developing autism in the first place.

Fortunately, this is one risk factor you can do something about right now.

I believe one of the most important changes that could radically reduce autism is to make certain that ALL pregnant women normalize their vitamin D levels to 50-60 ng/ml.

What to Do and Where to Turn if You Have an Autistic Child

Lee Grossman of the ASA was quoted as saying,

"Now, many people believe that autism is associated with environmental triggers, and my message is: 'Wake up.' If this doesn't wake people up, then I don't know what will.

I'm hopeful that this unfortunate statistic, and the terrible growth in autism, will finally get people to act to do something about autism. And by that, I mean the fine folks in government who are not responding in the ways that they should."

But I’m not holding my breath for sanity to sweep across government any time soon. And if you’re waiting for conventional medicine to come up with some “cure,” you may be waiting for a long time. Fortunately, there are other options, many of which are turning out to be effective. As part of the program, Dr. Klinghardt recommends the following three steps that should be urgently addressed in children with autism:

Lower microbial burden: Reduce microbial overgrowth in your child’s body through dietary changes (less starch and sugar at minimum) and lower overall stress. Also, consider testing for mold (in your house) and Lyme (in his or her body) but only after “provocation treatment.”

Lower incoming toxic burden: Do whatever you can to establish a mold, dust, toxin and smell-free environment for your whole family and THEN establish a detoxification program. Please remember hidden toxins like fluoride, and look carefully at ALL your cleaning products.

Lower EMF burden in your child’s home and bedroom: Your child’s health will be optimized with daily sun exposure (healthy EMF) and nightly avoidance of man-made (harmful) EMF.

It's possible to greatly reduce your exposure to Electromagnetic radiation and other electrical pollution by  purchasing EMF meters and filters. You can have your home inspected by a trained professional who can survey  for and remediate dirty electricity and other harmful EMFs.  

To book an EMF home inspection visit: EMF Solutions  or call 1 877-987-5185

EMF Reduction: A new treatment option for children with Autism

Autistic Children appear to be more  Hypersensitive to "dirty" electricity and other man-made EMF energy

Shannon Tara has two Autistic children. When Tara tested her home with a Graham-Stetzer MicroSurge meter and found very high dirty electricity (low level radiation) readings on the electrical circuits in the  bedroom her boys shared. Here is what Tara had to report after she installed Graham-Stetzer filters in her home and brought her meter readings down:

We have 2 Autistic children ages 5 and 3. On January 14 2008 we put Stetzer filters in our home.Well, we noticed the kids are calmer and happier. Our 5 year old that wakes up every night, now sleeps through the night. She also falls asleep in about 15 minutes, before the filters it would take her an hour or so fall a sleep. Our 3 year old has been also using more words and having less tantrums.My husband and I would recommend the filters to anyone that cares about their health.I also have been sleeping better, before the filters, I was waking up at 3 am and then getting about 3/4 of a hour sleep for the rest of the night. The pain in my hands and arms is also getting better.

We just started using the filters, right away we noticed a difference in our kids. My email is ktara@telus.net, if any parentsthat have kids with Autism wants to email and chat please feel free.

Shannon Tara, Salt Spring Island, BC

Another Success Story

"Since I installed the GS filters a few weeks ago I noticed my two autistic boys appear to be more aware and not quite as strung out as before."

Ken S, Collingwood. ON.

It's possible to greatly reduce your exposure to Electromagnetic radiation and other electrical pollution by purchasing EMF meters and filters. You can have your home inspected by a trained professional who can survey for dirty electricity and other harmful EMFs.

Dr. George Carlo's paper on Wireless Radiation and Autism:

"These data also suggest that wireless deviceEMR is a synergen in the etiology of Autism,acting in conjunction with environmental and genetic factors, and offer a mechanistic explanation for the correlation between concurrent increases in the incidence of Autism and the use of wireless technology."

Read Dr. Carlo's entire report

It's possible to greatly reduce your exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation and other electrical pollution by purchasing EMF meters and filters. You can have your home inspected by a trained professional who can survey for and remediate dirty electricity and other harmful EMFs.

To book an EMF home inspection visit: EMF Solutions or call 1 877-987-5185

More information on Autism and EMF exposure:

Wi-Fi and EM Radiation - The Rest of the Autism Story

by Heidi Stevenson. Originally published January 31 2008

(NaturalNews) As has been well documented on NaturalNews*, there is a clear link between mercury poisoning, especially through thimerosal in vaccinations, and autism, along with other neurological disorders. There is, though, another factor that has recently been clearly linked to autism: wireless technology.

The Wireless Connection

George Louis Carlo, who has a doctorate from the prestigious State University of New York, a law degree from George Washington University, and is a fellow of the American College of Epidemiology, has been a thorn in the side of the cellular phone industry. In 1993, he was granted $28 million by this industry and U.S. government agencies to study risks associated with cell phones. His initial results indicated that there were no problems. However, by 1999, Dr. Carlo had gained significantly more evidence indicating a risk to DNA, eye cancers, and brain tumors.

Carlo developed a theory that low frequency cell phone signals are harmful to cell function. This results in cells protecting themselves by stopping movement of nutrients and waste products through the cellular membrane. Inability to move wastes outside cells results in a buildup of toxins. This led him to suspect a connection with the enormous increase in autism. His hypothesis suggests that autistic children are less able to process heavy metals, so they remain in their bodies (primarily the brain) and cause neurological damage, including autism.

Back to Mercury

There is now no question that mercury, along with other heavy metals such as lead, is associated with autism. A study in a 2003 issue of the International Journal of Toxicology shows that the hair of autistic babies is significantly short of mercury and other heavy metals. At first, this might seem counterintuitive. However, it shows a clear connection with Carlo's hypothesis. Mercury exposure is linked to autism. The problem is the inability of some children to metabolize it. It's stuck inside their brain cells. Therefore, it isn't excreted, so little of it shows up in hair. In other words, autistic babies have less mercury in their hair, because it's still in their brains, causing neurological damage.

Chelation Treatment for Autistic Children

Several different methods have been used to treat autistic children. Chelation attempts to remove toxic metals from the body. According to the December 2007 issue of WDDTY (What Doctors Don't Tell You), the most common chemical used for chelation is dimercaptosuccinic acid, better known as DMSA. Its safety record is good. It acts by binding with heavy metals in the blood, thus allowing them to be excreted. WDDTY reports that Dr. Amy Holmes used this technique on 85 autistic children over a course of four months at the end of 2000. The results showed that the younger the child, the greater the benefit:

  • Children under age 6 have the best results, with 35% showing marked improvement and 39% showing moderate improvement. Sadly, 11% show no improvement.
  • Between ages 6 and 12, 4% show marked improvement, 28% show moderate improvement, with the rest showing no improvement.
  • Saddest of all, by age 18, no child gained any benefit from the chelation.

Dr. Holmes says, “We have noticed a large dependence of excretion on age of patient, with the younger patients excreting much more mercury than the older patients.” She also said that she suspects that older children excrete heavy metals more slowly than younger ones, which would explain the better results in younger children.

Clearly, chelation therapy can help limit the symptoms of autistic children by removing toxic metals, including mercury. However, it's critical that this therapy be provided as early as possible, and it does not appear to be able to clear enough mercury to fully heal any autistic children, while some do not respond at all.

Chelation therapy results that are similar have been reported by clinical nutritionist, Tamara Mariea in Nashville, Tennessee at her Internal Balance clinic. She has treated over 500 children, but has found, like Dr. Holmes, that it fails to clear any heavy metals and provides no improvement in some children.

The Wireless/Electromagnetic Field Connection

Tamara Mariea and George Carlo met a few years ago. They wondered if Carlo's theory that cell phones, along with other electromagnetic (EM) radiation, could be the reason that some children were not helped with chelation therapy - that EM radiation interferes with the ability of cells to excrete toxic heavy metals. So, they decided to test Carlo's hypothesis. They chose a severely autistic 10 year-old boy whose parents had tried every therapy they could find, including chelation, but to no benefit.

First, they removed toxins from the boy's home, including cell phones, pollutants of all kinds, all wireless equipment, and most electrical equipment. All EM radiation devices were removed from Mariea's clinic, or their radiation was shielded. No wireless devices were allowed to enter.

Thus, most of the boy's time was spent without EM radiation. Hair and stool analyses were done to track whether he was able to excrete heavy metals, and gradually, they did. Most thrilling, though, is that this boy, who had been able to say nothing more than "Yes" or "No" started to talk. At one point, he told his parents, "The noise has gone from my head."

Mariea and Carlo then set up a trial with 20 autistic children. This one was less strict, involving little more than spending at least four hours, two-to-three times a week, in the EM-free clinic. It did not require such limitations elsewhere and no chelation was done. In three months, analyses showed that heavy metals were beginning to be excreted by the children. This is reported in the Journal of the Australian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine in the November 2007 issue.

This is, of course, an early study. But it's very promising. There were other results that indicate the likelihood of the efficacy of removing EM radiation. Heavy metals were excreted in a specific order, from the lightest to the heaviest:

  • beryllium
  • aluminum
  • copper
  • antimony
  • mercury
  • lead
  • uranium

There was no anticipation of such a result by any study participant, including those who designed it. The consistency of it makes it difficult to assume that the results were from a placebo effect.

What Can a Parent Do?

First, and most significant, every parent should think about whether to vaccinate children. Look at the information available, not just that given out by the pharmaceutical companies and medical establishment. Do not be railroaded into vaccinating your child. Remember how your parents responded when you whined, “But everyone's doing it!” They made it absolutely clear that such an argument was pure nonsense. Now is the time to remember that lesson:

  • Just because all the other parents are doing it.
  • Just because the doctors are saying you should.
  • Just because the schools are pressuring for vaccinations.
  • Just because the government is now trying to coerce vaccinations.

Not one of these reasons, or all of them put together, can justify vaccinating your child without careful consideration of the risks involved.

If Your Child Has Already Been Vaccinated:

If your child has already been vaccinated, consider whether there was any adverse reaction of any kind. If so, then assume the worst. You have nothing to lose by doing that. It will allow you to be proactive, to be aware if your child starts to exhibit problems and to start looking - before problems show up - for treatment options.

There is no reason to give up hope, even if you realize that your child has been affected. As this article shows, there are ways to help your child.

Homeopathic treatment by a professional can be effective in helping a child reach his or her full potential. Nonetheless, my first advice, as a professional homeopath, would be to do everything possible to eliminate WiFi and EM from your child's environment. If you live close to overhead wirelines or cell phone masts, then move. It may be expensive, but consider the expense to your child's entire life or the costs of raising such a child, let alone the emotional turmoil you'd be facing.

Do not let your child sit close to a television (It might not be a bad idea to ban television from your home entirely). Keep your child's time in front of a computer to a minimum. Do not allow your child to use a cell phone, unless it's with an earpiece, and try to keep even cell phone usage with earpieces to a minimum. Make sure your child sleeps in an EM radiation-free room. Try to give your child as many hours a day as possible completely away from any electrical devices.

After shielding your child from EM radiation to the best of your ability, consider other therapies, such as chelation; first insisting on understanding any negative effects that the chelating drug may cause, or homeopathy.

These are not the only possible treatments, though they are the ones this author sees as the first recourse and most likely to bring the greatest benefit, especially if started very early in life. For other approaches, especially for older children, refer to the website of New Generation, a parents' group that is studying the causes and potential treatments for autism (http://www.NaturalNews.com/011764.html)


A true understanding of science means understanding that nothing is ever fully proven. If absolute proof of the connections among mercury/heavy metals, thimerosal, vaccinations, WiFi/EM, and autism (along with many other neurological disorders) are required before doing something to limit the damage, then it will never be possible to stop the pharmaceutical corporations and medical juggernaut from poisoning our children and destroying lives.

The evidence of these connections is already compelling. It is long past the time to stop giving free license to the profit motive and start looking at what is happening to us and to our children based on the specious argument that there is no proof or faked pharmaceutical tests. There is more than enough documentation now to show the likely links causing the autism epidemic. If we wait, then there truly is no hope for the future.

In another related arena, PEST management, the founder of PEST (Prevent Environment Suicide Today), Steven Tvedten stated, “The people who would do this to children, to all of us, have no souls. I have looked into their eyes and seen that”**. Nothing could say it better.

It's possible to greatly reduce your exposure to Electromagnetic radiation and other electrical pollution by  purchasing EMF meters and filters. You can have your home inspected by a trained professional who can survey for and remediate dirty electricity and other harmful EMFs.

We are all exposed to harmful EMFs in our homes but you can reduce your exposure greatly with an EMF home inspection

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