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Graham Stetzer Microsurge Meter

A Meter to Measure Dirty Electricity

    The GS Microsurge meter was specifically designed as a companion to the GS filters. The meter measures the level of harmful electromagnetic energy present. Its primary use is as a guide to effectively install GS filters.

    The Microsurge meter will help you to test for dirty electricity and later allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your filter arrangement.

    Microsurge meters are low cost and easy to use by non-technical people. The GS units are effectively a measure of harmful high frequenicy electromagnetic energy or 'dirty electricity'. These higher frequeicies are considered most detrimental to human health.

    The meter measures the amount of radio frequency energy (above 4 kHz to 100 kHz) present on a building's electrical circuits and displays it in a digital format. A meter reading of 50GS units or lower is good, 25 or below is optimal. Adding more GS filters will remove the dirty electricity from the electrical circuit and therefore lower the readings you see on the meter.

    Purchase GS filters for your home today at our on-line store or call 1 877-987-5185.

    For more information on our products see our FAQ page.

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