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Graham Stetzer Filters

Designed to remove dirty electricity from your home's electrical system

    Easy to install, no maintenance required.

    GS filters are designed to simply plug into electrical outlets throughout your home. The objective is to clean each circuit by installing filters where required. To help combat the negative health effects of dirty electricity, it's recommended approximately 12-20 filters be strategically installed in a house, apartment or condo. See our FAQ page and installation instructions for more information.

    To maximize the effectiveness filters should be placed on circuits throughout the home, doubling up on such devices as computers, printers and entertainment canters, as they are some of the major causes of dirty electricity. Other major polluters include treadmills, big screen TVs, compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) & fluorescent tube lighting, low-voltage lighting and dimmer switches.

    Please note that the sensitivity to the effects of dirty electricity varies from person to person. Experience has shown that additional Filters should definitely be added for Meter readings above 30. For readings above 20 more benefits are probable when additional filters are added.

    Before you order we suggest you read the section on filter installation.

    Purchase GS filters for your home today at our on-line store or call 1 877-987-5185.

    For more information on our products see our FAQ page.

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