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Tips to Protect You and Your Family from EMF Exposure

We are all exposed to harmful EMFs in our homes but you can reduce your exposure greatly with an EMF home inspection.


EMF exposure is linked to many acute and chronic illness conditions and electrical sensitivities are a serious emerging public health concern, in which most doctors have no training. Everyday we are exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from a number or common sources found around the home, in our work environment and in our sleeping quarters. Here are some common-sense tips to help you avoid exposure:

The Office and Computing Area

  • If possible avoid working on a laptop computer and never put a laptop on your lap, especially when it's plugged in.
    Many laptop computers produce a strong EMF, especially when plugged in to an electrical outlet, as they are charging a battery in close proximity to where you rest your hands. Laptops that do not have ground-wires (third prong) are a particular health hazard as you become the tether to ground.

  • When replacing your computer monitor (or TV) buy a new LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
    LCDs emit much less radiation than the old CRT style monitors that use a cathode ray gun to excite the prosperous on the screen.

  • Clean up the electrical power cords and transformers around your computer and desk and reroute them away from your feet and seating area.
    Transformers and power bars around your feet while you work on your computer can be a huge EMF exposure point, especially if you spend a lot of time on your computer.

In the Bedroom

  • Unplug all electrical power cords and limit the use of electrical devices in the bedroom.
    All electrical devices that are plugged into live electrical outlets, including innocuous lamps and clock radios, emit 60Hz electric field EMF, and most also expose you to dirty electricity. If an electrical device is unplugged it will not produce an electric or a magnetic field. EMFs suppress melatonin; so clean up the electrical cords and devices around your bed and get a battery-operated clock radio.

  • Donít charge your cell phone near your bed and switch to airplane mode while you sleep. Also, never have a cordless phone base-station in your bedroom. Wireless radiation is a suspected carcinogen and should be avoided, particularly at night.

Wireless Technology

  • Don't install a wireless network (wi-fi).
    In October of 2007 the German Government advised the public in that country to avoid using wi-fi because of the possible health risks it poses. Wireless routers emit electromagnetic radiation up to 300 meters even when you are not using them.

  • Don't buy a DECT cordless portable phone
    In 2005 the German Government also nixed these new DECT cordless portable phones. The base station of these phones constantly transmits a strong RF signal, even when the handset is not in use just sitting idle in the cradle. If you have one, get rid of it. DECT technology is also used in most new baby monitors.

  • Limit the time you spend talking on a cordless phone and cell phone and only let children under 14 use wireless phones and tablets for short periods of time when absolutely necessary.
    Lately we've been hearing about the possible health risks associated with cell phone radiation. It's important to understand that cordless phones, smart phones and tablets use electromagnetic radiation to communicate -- and radiation exposure is cumulative no matter what the source. In 2011 the Council of Europe committee examined evidence that these technologies have "potentially harmful" effects on humans, and concluded that immediate action was required to protect children.

  • Cell phone chips and stick-on devices have absolutely no effect on lowering your exposure so donít waste your money. To better protect yourself buy a smart phone case or air tube headset at our on-line store.

Power lines, Electrical Wiring and Devices

  • Avoid Buying a Home in close proximity to high current/voltage power lines.
    There have been many studies linking magnetic field exposure from power lines to increased rates of leukemia and other health issues including cancer. Buy a Gauss meter and survey your home, or call us and book an EMF Home Inspection.

  • Avoid installing low-voltage (12 volt) halogen, florescent tube, or energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting (CFL).
    Virtually all of these so-called energy-efficient technologies create "dirty electricity" and at the same time can throw a nasty electromagnetic field from the ballast or transformer. Cleaner LCD lighting technology is just around the corner so wait for it to develop and come down in price before you do major lighting upgrades.

  • Replace all the dimmer switches in your house with regular switches.
    Even when turned completely on to full power a dimmer chops-off part of the electrical current, then it discards it in the form of a strong electromagnetic field. Most dimmers create high levels of dirty electricity that can contaminate a home's electrical wiring with dangerous high-frequency energy.

  • Check your home for wiring problems
    Wiring problems and plumbing current can cause high magnetic fields and are quite common, especially in older homes. Buy a Gauss meter and survey your home, or call us and book an EMF Home Inspection.

Dirty Electricity

  • The most important thing you can do to avoid ongoing exposure to EMF is to install Graham-Stetzer filters in your home and office to reduce the amount of high frequency radiation (known as dirty electricity) on electrical wiring and electrical devices. In a number of well-conducted scientific tests, many benefited greatly when Graham-Stetzer filters were installed in their homes and schools.

Note: If you or someone in your family is demonstrating symptoms of "Electrical Hypersensitivity" you may want to consider having your home inspected for dirty electricity and other EMF sources.

We are all exposed to harmful EMFs in our homes but you can reduce your exposure greatly with an EMF home inspection

To purchase EMF meters to check your home, school or workplace, visit our on-line store.

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