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Amazing Health Transformations

Protect your family with a complete EMF home Inspection including the proper installation of Graham-Stetzer filters.

Having your home inspected for Dirty Electricity and other EMF pollution may be one of the wisest choices you ever make for the health of your family. Many have noticed a marked improvement in their health and the health of their family after they had an EMF Home Inspection.

Read what our Customers say about of our EMF Home Inspection service:

“Hi Kevin, Just wanted to let you know that after you conducted your EMF Home Inspection I slept for 7 full hours last night, this is the first time this has ever happened, as you know I usually only get a couple hours sleep at best.… thanks!”

--Susan, Brampton, ON.

"Hi Kevin, since you came to my home and cleaned up all the EMFs I certainly feel A LOT better. Most of the symptoms that have had me deeply concerned about my health have improved greatly…. I can’t thank you enough."

-- Jeremy, Whitby, ON.

“We slept like babies last night.”

-- Mike, Bolton, ON.

"After you came to our home and did your EMF inspection my sleep has improved greatly and my wife’s chronic dizziness is virtually gone."

-- Bill, Guelph, ON.

“Since you came to our condo we are definitely sleeping better, a significant difference.”

--Jay, Toronto, ON.

"Thanks Kevin for your services. When dealing with a sick house like mine, it is sometimes easy to get stressed over it, and it was nice to be able to have someone to talk to who knows what’s going on. I will pass your name on to others that are dealing with house issues as well."

-- Deb, Barrie, ON.

“Thank you for your support, we can see the change at home, we sleep much better”

--Danny, St. Laurent, QC.

"Since you installed the filters we really feel the difference. Both mine and my wife's sleep is much improved, it's a different kind of sleep.

Keep up the good work Kevin!"

-- Dan, Thornhill, ON.

"I had heard about EMF sensitivities, and dirty electricity and wanted to see if making adjustments in our new home would make a difference first hand. My wife had complained about headaches that she was experiencing since moving in to our house, and after identifying and dealing with the problem, within 2 weeks the headaches went away, and we both started feeling noticeably better. One would be surprised with the minor adjustments that can be made in order to provide a healthier, happier environment for you and your family. It's well worth the time and relatively inexpensive investment to have your home inspected, and once you do, you will feel better about making that decision - we definitely did. Thanks again EMF solutions."

--Evren and Courteney, Jacksons Point, ON.

"Hi Kevin, thanks for doing your recent excellent EMF audit on our home. I believe it has made a difference in our health!"

-- Doug, Burlington, ON.

"The filters have made an amazing difference in my life."

--Ida, Toronto, ON

"Since you placed the Stetzer filters in my home, I sleep so much better. I no longer take melatonin nightly to get to sleep because now I fall asleep naturally without sleep aides. For years I have suffered from edema resulting in painful swelling in my feet and ankles (a serious health threat) has vanished! I'm absolutely stunned by this wonderful improvement. At 81 years of age I'm younger now than I was 10 years ago. That's no mean feat Kevin!!!!"

-- Pat, Crystal Beach, ON

"Kevin, I want to let you know that we've all gotten this far into winter (2010/11) without any ailments! NOT ONCE. Out of the 5 of us, 3 of us ALWAYS felt under the weather, low energy, achy and generally ill feeling.
Even my middle girl who has, her entire life, had focus issues in school, struggling to simply PASS, is in her first year of post-secondary and getting 80"s to high 90"s in every single class!! She is the most transformed as she was also always my sickest girl. So thank you thank you thank you! I tell everybody about you who will listen..."

--Shantelle, Toronto, ON

"The first thing I noticed (within 24 hrs) was that the tingling and numbness in my right hand and arm disappeared. My husband and I are both definitely sleeping better. My sleep is still interrupted, however certainly deeper and I feel better rested when waking."

-- Barbara, Thornhill, ON

"Dear Kevin, thank-you for all the time and energy you spent at our home, we are deeply grateful to you. It certainly had a positive impact on the health of both my husband and me. I feel less anxious and I"ve noticed my sleep is also much better, as is my husband's. We're going to pass the word onto a few people, hopefully you will hear from them."

-- Sheila, Newmarket, ON.

"Kevin, I wanted to thank you for the excellent service. Your research and scientific knowledge in the area of EMF is outstanding. I may never have become aware of the real dangers of EMF in the home if it were not for your efforts. I would recommend that anyone who is truly concerned about his or her health contact you and have their home inspected for EMF. Keep up the good work!"

-- Noel, Toronto, ON.

"My son's overall health has really improved since your last visit and we are truly grateful."

--Paul, Bolton, ON.

"Since you installed the filters in the house I have slept like a log... I'm starting to feel like my old self again. Thanks again for doing what you do."

-- Nic, Ancaster, ON.

"We can definitely and positively confirm the benefits of installing the Stetzer filters. My sleep has improved and the best part is that the chronic, all-over achy feeling (which is usually worst upon awaking) has diminished significantly."

-- Nancy, Perth, ON.

"Since we got the filters my daughter is sleeping very sound at night."

-- Jeanette, Kleinberg, ON.

"After your EMF inspection I have been sleeping better and longer, I also notice I have more energy. I can say I am very pleased."

-- Elizabeth, Toronto, ON

"My husband noticed the first very night after you came for an EMF inspection and installed the filters his sleep improved dramatically. Thank-you."

-- Leslie, Orangeville, ON

"Kevin, I can't thank you enough for telling me to move our bed out of the bedroom and into the living room. It's made a world of difference to my health. The pain is virtually gone and I'm sleeping through the night now -- WOW!"

--Katherine, Oshawa, ON

"Thank you for coming to my home identifying and fixing my EMF wiring problem. Your expertise and EMF service has made a big difference in my health, I feel much better."

--Alice, London, ON

"Kevin, since you came to my house and did an your EMF home survey I"ve been sleeping great! An excellent service - truly worthwhile. Please come and do my office for me."

-- Eric, Toronto, ON

"I have seen improvements in my sinuses, my balance is coming, and my sleep is so much better. I do know that there is considerably less energy coming off the computer as I am not picking it up to the same extent. My husband is more energized... I can see it in his walk."

--Betty, Campbellville, ON

"I have noticed somewhat of an improvement in how I have been feeling post the filter installation. My overall anxiety has reduced and I haven't felt as charged up as I did before. I do believe the filters are helping. I am not cured with the filter addition but I do feel less overall anxiety and feel that we have done the right thing to clean and take the best care of our personal environment."

--Judy, Toronto, ON

"It has been a month since you installed the GS filters. I want to let you know that the improvement in my personal health is absolutely amazing."

--Elise, Smith Falls, ON

"The first thing I noticed (within 24 hrs) was that the tingling and numbness in my right hand and arm disappeared. My husband and I are both definitely sleeping better. My sleep is still interrupted, however certainly deeper and I feel better rested when waking."

--Barbara, Thornhill, ON

"Since you installed the filters we all sleep better and feel less stressed, also my son feels better and has been able to reduce his medication."

--Francis, Toronto, ON

"I have had the filters installed for a week now and my headache seems to be going away - it took about 2 days."

--Bob, Toronto, ON

"Since installing the filters I have had a 30% reduction in my MS symptoms. I have been able to walk without the assistance of my walker, our overall sense of well-being has improved and my teenaged son is certainly less irritable. Thanks!"

--Steve, Mississauga, ON

"Everything is great and I have lots of great things to report. My daughter is sleeping through the night and not even waking up once. I am also having lots of dreams and sleeping well.

--Andrea, Toronto, ON

"Since we installed the filters I've noticed my sleep is deeper and I dream much more, the nagging pain in my shoulder has disappeared and my wife's knee pain has improved significantly."

--Christopher, London, ON

Brad was diagnosed with MS at 25. He required assistance when walking, and he'd lost 30 pounds he couldn't afford to lose. Three days after filters were installed in his house, he was walking unassisted. Two weeks later, he was shoveling snow. It's not a cure, but it's amazing how these filters have allowed me to retire my cane for now."

--Brad, Oshawa, ON

"Before having filters installed I very rarely ever slept even part of the night. I have always had trouble sleeping. Since the filters have been installed, I sleep deeply and for 7-8 hours every night. I now feel much more refreshed when I get up everyday! Thanks to EMF Solutions! "

--Teri, Brantford, ON.

"Got to tell you that since you installed these things, my (autistic) son is not fidgeting in repetition (stimming),… I feel a lot less stressed and I do not get anxiety. Is that mind over matter, or a result of the plugs (filters)?"

--Rebecca, Scarborough, ON.

"To start off I will admit that I was never much of a “believer” in these types of things; I had considered the idea that electric devices and CFL lighting could be a danger “mumbo jumbo”. After the inspection of my workplace, which had EMF (GS) meter ratings in some areas above 1,700. Kevin’s detailed explanation, which he was able to back with documentation. After the inspection and installation of Graham-Stetzer filters I have seen a difference in my mood and that of my coworkers, plus the “feeling” of the environment was improved so drastically it is hard to describe, we are truly more productive and happier throughout the day. The “proof is in the pudding” as they say, the results speak for themselves. My testimonial is honest and the only benefit I will receive from it is the knowledge I may have helped others be aware."

--Jeffrey, Aurora, ON.

"Also just wanted you to know that since we moved the bed away from a wall you found to emit a lot of radiation… her (daughter) leg pain has gone away!!!!!!! "

--Sandra, Thornhill, ON.

Here are a few recent quotes from some of our customers who purchased Graham-Stetzer filters and installed them with our guidance, in their homes:

"We have 2 Autistic children ages 5 and 3. On January 14 2008 we the GS filters in our home. Well, we noticed the kids are calmer and happier. Our 5 year old that wakes up every night, now sleeps through the night. She also falls asleep in about 15 minutes, before the filters it would take her a hour or so fall a sleep. Our 3 year old has been also using more words and having less tantrums. My husband and I would recommend the filters to anyone that cares about their health. I also have been sleeping better, before the filters, I was waking up at 3 am and then getting about 3/4 of a hour sleep for the rest of the night. The pain in my hands and arms is also getting better. We just started using the filters, right away we noticed a difference in our kids."

--Shannon, Salt Spring Island, BC

"Soon after I installed the GS filters you sent me my chronic hip pain disappeared. My university-aged children have also noticed a marked improvement in their memory and recall."

--Peter, Halifax, NS

"When I purchased your product, I wasn't focused on any pressing health concern. However, I have noticed a drop in migraines. The first few weeks after installing your product, a few migraines "threatened", but receded (with off he shelf medication--which in the past did not work for me). After those first few close calls, I have not had a migraine. This was totally unexpected. If you contact me in a year, I can quantify the money I've saved compared to last year (migraine medication is expensive)."

--J, Victoria, BC

"I recently retired and have been spending more time at home, and it was starting to make me feel a little nuts! I never thought of myself as electrically sensitive, so it must have been a cumulative thing. There was an immediate change with the filters in, and the kids seemed calmer and less cranky in our newly improved environment. We all slept better, too! Thanks so much."

-- Virginia, Winnipeg, MB

"Since we installed the filters I've noticed my sleep is deeper and I dream much more, the nagging pain in my shoulder has disappeared and my wife's knee pain has improved significantly. "

--Christopher, London, ON.

"The filters I do have in my home have made an enormous improvement. I plan to order more filters soon."

-- Brenda

"Since I installed the GS filters a few weeks ago I noticed my two autistic boys appear to be more aware and not quite as strung out as before."

--Ken, Collingwood, ON

I think they're (the filters) doing a great job! I'm definitely feeling improvements in my health."

--Dorothy, Salt Spring Island, BC

"After I installed the filters that you rented to me I noticed that both my focus and sleep pattern quickly improved. My mother also had about a 70% reduction in her chronic pain. I'll be keeping the filters, thanks for all your help."

--Robert, Toronto, ON

"For about 3 months now, since I installed filters in my apartment, I have been sleeping right through the night.... What an awesome experience...not to wake up."

--Irena, toronto, ON

"The volume of the 'bee hive' (sound) increased ... after installing the filters the buzzing in my ears is very slight now."

--Mary, Clagary, AB

"Everyone is sleeping a lot better these days. The filters are great!"

--Annette, Edmonton, AB

"My husband and I both are sleeping better since we installed the Graham-Stetzer filters. We are spreading the word out here in Alberta!"

--Wendy, Peace River, AB

"The GS filters have made a marked improvement in how we feel sitting in front of the computer and other areas of our home. I personally do not have the tingling / "plugged in" sensation while sitting at my desk"

--Darren, Calgary, AB

"Both mine and my husband's health seems better since we installed the filters last year."

--Rosemary, BC

"Kevin, the filters arrived here in Saskatoon on Tuesday and we installed them immediately. Now about my wifes health. Her heavy chest and heart palpations are gone. Tingling in arms and hands, gone, Feet cramping, gone, her upset stomach is better by at least 95%. Thank you so much for all it has changed our lives."

--Owen, Saskatoon. SK.

We are all exposed to harmful EMFs in our homes but you can reduce your exposure greatly with an EMF home inspection

To purchase EMF meters to check your home, school or workplace, visit our on-line store.

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